Jump N' Fun Rules

Violations of these rules could lead to ejection without refund. Pgn Reserves the right to enforce these rules and remove any unruly rough housing, and violators of the rules of establishment. Absolutley no profanity. Any one caught bringing in outside food or drink will be automatically ejected without refund from the facility. No exceptions! No Alcohol allowed.

  • Height limit 54 inches
  • Weights limit 90 lbs
  • Ages 11 and under
  • Must wear socks shirts and pants(shorts)
  • No Bare Feet
  • No Food or Drink allowed
  • No Adults allowed in unit or inflatables
  • All children who enter unit must pay
  • All children must be accompanied by parent adult or legal guardian
  • No shoes allowed NO EXCEPTIONS

Any child with improper hygiene will not be allowed in unit or inflatable.
Help keep our place safe and clean for the kids!